ACUS Celebrates Sunshine Week

Annually, advocates and governments participate in Sunshine Week—a national initiative that celebrates the laws and freedoms which allow citizens to access information about how their governments operate.

ACUS has been hard at work drafting reports and recommendations to expand access to important information and encourage agencies to engage in affirmative disclosure of key materials.  During our most recent December plenary session, the ACUS assembly adopted Recommendation 2018-5, providing best practices for agencies in presenting the procedural rules that govern their adjudications online, and Recommendation 2018-6, suggesting improvements to to facilitate easier access to rulemaking dockets by the public.  In addition, an ACUS consultant is hard at work drafting a report on the public availability of agency guidance documents, with recommendations likely to be voted on during the next June plenary.

These projects follow in the footsteps of many previous ACUS recommendations, including but not limited to Recommendation 2014-2, which urges agencies to take advantage of new technologies when they disseminate information under the Sunshine Act, and Recommendation 2011-7, which advises agencies on how to enhance the transparency of their processes under the Federal Advisory Committee Act.