Legislative Resources

ACUS offers resources that members of Congress and congressional staff may find helpful when conducting oversight or developing legislation that affects the administrative process. ACUS can also assist Congress by providing technical comments on draft legislation and connecting staff with administrative law experts.

For assistance or to request more information, please contact Conrad Dryland (cdryland@acus.gov). 


  • Assembly Recommendations and Reports. ACUS issues about a dozen recommendations each year to agencies, Congress, the President, and the Judicial Conference to enhance efficiency and fairness in the administrative state. Each adopted recommendation is supported by a report authored by an administrative law expert or ACUS staff.

  • Equal Access to Justice ReportingACUS collects and reports information to Congress about awards of attorney's and other fees against the United States under EAJA each fiscal year. ACUS maintains an online database of all EAJA awards and an extensive archive of related materials.

  • Information Interchange Bulletins. These one-page documents offer agency attorneys a starting point to begin research on specific administrative procedure topics. They identify the black letter law and provide additional resources for further research, including relevant ACUS recommendations and reports.

  • Sourcebooks. ACUS produces sourcebooks and reports on administrative law topics not tied to formal Assembly Recommendations, such as the Sourcebook of United States Executive Agencies and the online Federal Administrative Procedure Sourcebook.

  • Statutory Review Program. ACUS transmits to Congress judicial and agency adjudicative decisions that identify technical problems of consequence in statutes dealing with administrative procedure.

  • Additional Materials. ACUS maintains other materials of interest to congressional staff, including a Summary of Recent Administrative Law Reform Bills introduced in Congress.

Meetings and Events

  • Forums. ACUS sponsors public forums to discuss important issues of administrative procedure. Past forums have focused on Nationwide Injunctions and Federal Regulatory Programs, Mass and Fraudulent Comments, Federal Administrative Adjudication, and Regulatory Capture.

  • Trainings. ACUS can conduct or facilitate training sessions for congressional staff on a variety of administrative procedure topics, including the best practices recommended by the ACUS Assembly.