Internships and Research Fellows

Internship Program Description

The Administrative Conference seeks law school applicants for unpaid internships.  Interns are exposed to a variety of legal topics, but the primary focus is upon administrative law and process.  Interns will assist the Research Team with ongoing projects.  Typical assignments include researching specific questions of law or policy and preparing legal memoranda.  Interested applicants should indicate whether they are interested in an internship for the spring, summer, or fall.  ACUS anticipates hiring the following numbers of interns at each of those periods: (1) 3-4 interns for the spring term (current 2Ls and 3Ls are invited to apply); (2) 3-4 interns for the fall term (current 2Ls and 3Ls are invited to apply); (3) 4–6 interns for the summer (rising 2Ls and 3Ls are invited to apply).  Summer interns are permitted to “split” the summer between ACUS and another employer.

Application Process

Please submit a cover letter (describe any coursework or prior work experience related to administrative law), resume (include law school GPA), unofficial law school transcript, and writing sample (maximum of 10 pages) by the following dates:

  • Submit materials for Summer 2016 internships by March 1, 2016.

Completed applications may be submitted by email (preferred) or by mail.  Email submissions should be sent to  Paper submissions can be mailed to 1120 20th Street, NW, Suite 706 South, Washington, DC 20036.  Applications are considered on a rolling basis.

Research Fellow Program Description

Visiting research fellows may come from academia, non-profit organizations, state governments, foreign governments or the private sector.  Fellows must have demonstrated expertise in the fields of administrative law, public policy, economics, social science or regulatory reform.  Fellows may be U.S. Citizens or non-U.S. Citizens, but must be proficient in English (spoken and written).  If hiring a non-U.S. Citizen, ACUS must demonstrate that hiring the individual meets a specific need in fulfilling the agency’s statutory mission. Prior to hiring:

  • U.S. research fellows must present valid government-issued identification such as a driver’s license or passport.
  • Non-U.S. research fellows must present proof of their visitor or residency status in the U.S., in addition to a valid passport.

Applications for fellows are considered on a rolling basis as resources and space permit.  Most visiting research fellows work for three to four months. Hiring at ACUS is based on qualifications and performance regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, national origin or disability.

Detail Opportunities

The Administrative Conference offers details through the Presidential Management Fellow (PMF) program and regular detail opportunities.

The PMF program is designed to develop a core group of Federal officials, government-wide, who can contribute to making government work better and more efficiently; and to foster better cooperation between Federal agencies and the Conference. In this program, participants will evaluate Federal procedures at all levels of government—federal agencies, the judiciary, and Congress—to determine their effectiveness, develop recommendations, and determine best practices.  For more information about the PMF, please click here.

Position Title: Staff Attorney/Analyst
Location: Washington, DC
Duration: 4-6 months


  • Work on a range of issues including: the implications of the Federal Advisory Committee Act in the 21st century, e-Rulemaking, federal agency notice and comment procedures, the use of science in the regulatory process, reducing unnecessary litigation in the regulatory process, the promotion of effective public participation in government, collaborative governance and alternative dispute resolution, inspections, etc.;
  • Plan and organize events to share best practices;
  • Coordinate and participate in FACA committee meetings;
  • Evaluate legal issues related to Conference activities such as FOIA, FACA, ethics and other requirements.


Federal employees with backgrounds in administrative law and procedure, public policy, economics, public management, and other fields relevant to understanding and evaluating federal government procedures, are particularly encouraged to apply. ACUS is an equal opportunity employer. U.S. citizenship required.

Point of Contact:

For questions about this opportunity, contact Shawne McGibbon, General Counsel, at 202-480-2088 or To apply for the position, please e-mail a resume and cover letter to Shawne McGibbon.