Government Members

Name Organization Title
Marian L. Zobler U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission General Counsel
Chin Yoo Federal Communications Commission Deputy Associate General Counsel
Kenny A. Wright Federal Trade Commission Legal Counsel, Office of the General Counsel
Miriam E. Vincent National Archives and Records Administration Acting Director, Legal Affairs and Policy Division, Office of the Federal Register
David A. Trissell U.S. Postal Regulatory Commission General Counsel
Drita Tonuzi Internal Revenue Service Deputy Chief Counsel (Operations), Office of the Chief Counsel
Stephanie J. Tatham Office of Management and Budget Senior Policy Analyst and Attorney, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
Robert F. Stone Occupational Safety and Health Administration Director, Office of Regulatory Analysis (Health) and Directorate of Standards and Guidance
Helen Serassio U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Associate General Counsel, Cross-Cutting Issues Law Office
Jay R. Schwarz Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Senior Counsel, Legal Division
Roxanne L. Rothschild National Labor Relations Board Executive Secretary
Carrie F. Ricci U.S. Department of Agriculture Associate General Counsel for Marketing, Regulatory, and Food Safety Programs
Connor N. Raso U.S Securities and Exchange Commission Senior Counsel, Office of General Counsel
Mitchell E. Plave Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Special Counsel, Bank Activities
Patrick Nagle Social Security Administration Chief Administrative Law Judge
Christina E. McDonald U.S. Department of Homeland Security Associate General Counsel for Regulatory Affairs, Office of the General Counsel
Nadine N. Mancini Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission General Counsel
Hilary Malawer U.S. Department of Education Deputy General Counsel, Office of the General Counsel
Tristan L. Leavitt Merit Systems Protection Board General Counsel and Acting Chief Executive and Administrative Officer
Katia Kroutil Federal Maritime Commission Assistant General Counsel for General Law & Regulation
Alice M. Kottmyer U.S. Department of State Attorney Adviser
Paul S. Koffsky U.S. Department of Defense Senior Deputy General Counsel and Deputy General Counsel (Personnel and Health Policy)
Janice L. Hoffman U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Associate General Counsel, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Richard J. Hipolit U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Deputy General Counsel for Legal Policy
Gina K. Grippando U.S. International Trade Commission Assistant General Counsel for Administrative Law
Ami M. Grace-Tardy U.S. Department of Energy Assistant General Counsel for Legislation, Regulation and Energy Efficiency
Robert J. Girouard U.S. Office of Personnel Management Senior Counsel, Office of General Counsel
Elizabeth H. Dickinson U.S. Food & Drug Administration Senior Deputy Chief Counsel
Susan M. Davies U.S. Department of Justice Senior Official and Deputy Attorney General for the Office of Legal Policy
Anika S. Cooper Surface Transportation Board Attorney, Office of General Counsel
Peter J. Constantine U.S. Department of Labor Associate Solicitor, Office of Legal Counsel
Michael J. Cole Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission Senior Attorney, Office of General Counsel
Daniel Cohen U.S. Department of Transportation Assistant General Counsel for Regulation
Paige Bullard Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Managing Attorney
Krystal J. Brumfield U.S. General Services Administration Associate Administrator for the Office of Government-wide Policy
Eric S. Benderson U.S. Small Business Administration Associate General Counsel for Litigation & Claims
Gregory R. Baker Federal Election Commission Deputy General Counsel for Administration
David J. Apol U.S. Office of Government Ethics General Counsel
James L. Anderson Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Deputy General Counsel, Supervision and Legislation Branch