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Namesort ascending Title
Amber G. Williams Attorney Advisor
Matthew Lee Wiener Executive Director
Connie Vogelmann Attorney Advisor
Daniel Sheffner Attorney Advisor
Harry Seidman Chief Financial and Operations Officer

Public Members

Namesort ascending Organization
Allison M. Zieve Public Citizen Litigation Group
Russell Wheeler The Governance Institute; Visiting Fellow – Brookings Institution’s Governance Studies Program
Christopher J. Walker The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law
Andrew N. Vollmer University of Virginia of Law
James J. Tozzi Center for Regulatory Effectiveness

Liaison Representatives

Namesort ascending Organization
Marilyn Zahm Association of Administrative Law Judges
Stephen Wood National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Max Stier Partnership for Public Service
Judith R. Starr Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
Thomas W. Snook ABA National Conference of the Administrative Law Judiciary

Special Counsel

Namesort ascending Organization
Jeffrey S. Lubbers American University Washington College of Law