Amber G. Williams

Attorney Advisor Attorney Advisor, Staff

Phone: 202.480.2097

is an Attorney Advisor for the Administrative Conference of the United States. She has worked as a researcher, writer, and project manager for a number of projects, including several addressing Social Security disability adjudication, as well as federal administrative adjudication more generally. Ms. Williams graduated from the University of Virginia School of Law, where she was an Executive Editor of the Journal of Law and Politics. Upon graduation, she was awarded the Eppa Hunton IV Memorial Book Award, which is given to a graduate who demonstrates unusual aptitude in courses in the field of litigation, and who shows a keen awareness and understanding of the lawyer’s ethical and professional responsibilities.

Previously, Ms. Williams interned at the National Nuclear Security Administration. During her time with NNSA, she researched and wrote legal memoranda apprising attorneys regarding the Federal Travel Regulations, the Federal Acquisition Regulation, and the Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation, as well as drafted pre-trial documents. She also interned at the Center for Legal Aid-Voice in Bulgaria and the Rule of Law Institute where she researched immigration law and law on religious freedom, and recommended reform in alignment with international standards.

Ms. Williams graduated summa cum laude from Northwestern College with a degree in History and received a certificate of Highest Honors in the Department of History.


  • , Eppa Hunton IV Memorial Book Award