Administrative Responses to Congressional Demands for Sensitive Information

The routine sharing of information between congressional committees and administrative agencies constitutes one of the most important interactions between the political branches of our national government. The process of exchanging information affects the ability of the executive ... View more

Federal Agency Electronic Records Management and Archives


Recommendation 1(a) parallels part A of Recommendation 88-10. It starts with the premise the basic policy balances have already been struck and does not seek to reopen them. Existing policy reflected in the records statutes2 and in National Archives and Records ... View more

Use of Risk Communication by Regulatory Agencies in Protecting Health, Safety and the Environment


The term "risk communication" is commonly used to describe procedures by which a public agency or other party possessing information about the hazardous attributes of an activity or product transfers this information to others. For several decades, the Freedom of Information and National ... View more

The Ombudsman in Federal Agencies

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The ombudsman1 is an institution frequently used in other countries, and increasingly used in this country, as a means of inquiring into citizen grievances about administrative acts or failures to act and, in suitable cases, to criticize or to make recommendations concerning future ... View more