Success Stories

The following success stories were submitted by agencies in response to a Conference Call to Action, where they were asked to identify an area of strength they believe could serve as a model for other government agencies, as well as programs or practices at other agencies that they wish they could replicate in their own agency. These submissions will be considered for the Walter Gellhorn Innovation Award, to be presented annually at the Conference’s plenary session. The purpose of sharing these success stories on is two-fold: 1. To serve as an information-sharing, data collection and communication tool for federal, state and local agencies; and 2. To uncover innovation that exists and attempt to duplicate it at other agencies.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)/eRegulations

eRegulations is a web-based tool that makes regulations written by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) easy to find, navigate, and read, as well as easier to understand with features such as inline interpretations, … View more

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)/Online Whistleblower Complaint Form

The online whistleblower complaint form streamlines the submission and processing of claims, and automatically routes complaints to the appropriate regional whistleblower staff, which allows whistleblower staff to more quickly process new whistleblower complaints.  Most … View more

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)/IT Labs

The NASA IT Labs program provides a platform for IT innovation at NASA, empowers the NASA workforce to seek solutions in IT, identifies and seizes opportunities to make progress quickly and affordably, supports the … View more

National Science Foundation (NSF)/Data Analytics in Grant Making

No other Federal government organization, or any other organization, uses data analytics on grant award expenditure transactions to surface high risk expenditures on grant awards that are otherwise invisible. Dr. Baker is the architect … View more

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Success Stories Defined

Agency officials have submitted their success stories in response to a Model A survey requesting innovative ideas that meet the some or all of the following criteria:

-Degree of Innovation
-Cost Savings to the Government and/or the Public
-Ability to Replicate Project or Initiative at other Agencies
-Reduction of Unnecessary Duplication
-Customer Service
-Streamlining or Enhancing Public Participation in the Regulatory Process

These submissions will also be submitted to our esteemed judges for the Annual Walter Gellhorn Innovation Award.

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