Nuclear Regulatory Commission/Center of Excellence in Business Process Improvement

Currently, the NRC is facing significant budgetary challenges as its domestic workload is increasing and as its global responsibilities continue to grow.  To better prepare itself for these expected eventualities, the NRC established a center of excellence in Business Process Improvement (BPI).

Our BPI program is based on the Lean Six Sigma process improvement methodology but continues to be refined and enhanced as our expertise in this area continues to grow.  Lean Six Sigma is becoming increasingly recognized as a world class process improvement strategy for improving business processes.  At the NRC, we collaborate extensively with all affected stakeholders to determine each of their actual requirements.  Once their specific requirements are known, improvement is readily achieved by focusing the process on fulfilling just those requirements.  Our streamlined processes save resources, increase efficiencies, reduce duplication, increase transparency, and enhance customer service.  This equates to improving the timeliness of the delivery of many of the NRC’s products and services.  In addition, our streamlined processes increase job satisfaction, enhance working relationships, and improve the working environment through greater collaboration and cooperation.

Using the NRC’s Organizational Values of Integrity, Excellence, Service, Respect, Cooperation, Commitment, and Openness as the underpinnings of the BPI program, the NRC has targeted numerous program and corporate processes and has generated significant savings.  As a result of its BPI Program, the NRC is better equipped to more efficiently and effectively accomplish its mission on behalf of the American people while better serving its stakeholders.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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