Department of Transportation: Use of Web2.0 To Enhance Rulemaking

DOT entereed into an agreement with the Cornell e-Rulemaking Initiative (CeRI) to explore the benefits of the use of blogging and other web 2.0 technology to increase public participation — and the effectiveness of that participation — in the rulemaking process.

Both sides were able to leverage limited resources: Cornell brought legal, programming, language, communication, facilitation, and graphic design expertise to the joint intiative. It also brought students who could help with the monitoring of the blog, etc. DOT brought its broad array of rulemaking actions, willingness to spend sufficient time with CeRI researchers to ensure the effectiveness of CeRI efforts.  The objective was to use a variety of tools in different rulemakings to explore what works well, what does not, and determine the best practices necessary to effectively work with the tools that do work. After working on a series of rulemakings, CeRI will issue report evaluating various tools and techniques.  DOT has involved other agencies in the initial work on the project and they may be asked to identify rulemakings for use by CeRI.


Neil Eisner
Department of Transportation

The other agencies have periodically been briefed on the project and the CeRI report will be made available to all agencies. We measure our results by meeting withe CeRI after each rulemaking to discuss data and lessons learned and talk about measurement techniques. The CeRI report provides documentation of its recommendations.

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