Department of Transportation Rulemaking Management System: a nimble, efficient and cost-effective management system

DOT created its Rulemaking Management System to help track the Department’s rulemaking; allow for electronic submission, storage, and coordination of those documents; and provide the ability to automatically generate reports based on the data stored in the system.

The system allows DOT to more closely and effectively monitor all of its rulemakings and deadlines, to automatically generate a variety of internal status reports, substantive reports for meetings, public reports, and the Regulatory Agenda and Plan. It eliminates the need for large numbers of copies of lengthy rulemaking and supporting documents. It is accessible via the intranet to all who need the information; with the inherent transparency of who has what for how long, etc., helps ensure more expedited handling.

Once the management system is accessible on the intranet, it also eliminates the need to have duplicate records, ensures consistent data, and allows for easy preparation of many valuable reports.


Neil Eisner
Department of Transportation

The software is available for free and other agencies have used it, with minor chsnges to fit their agency. Some very agencies may not find the resources to enter the data in the system worth while if they have very few rulemakings. The benefits include elimination of duplicative records, comparisons of efficiencies of electronic circulation, filing, and coordination versus hard copies, and surveys or discussions with users of wide use of automatically generated reports.


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