Department of Health and Human Services/HealthData.Gov

The HHS website, HealthData.Gov located at non-federal data into the website.  The HHS data site is unlike a number of other federal databases established pursuant to the President’s Open Government Initiative.  More specifically, other federal data websites concentrate on data produced by federal agencies.  The HHS data website does contain a considerable number of entries produced by components of the agency, but in addition it has a wide range of data developed by non-federal entities.

The non-federal data is displayed in two distinct ways.  One family of non-federal data elements is made available through apps on iPhones, see; the other family of non-federal data elements is made  available through conventional websites, please see

The action taken by HHS is extremely important and nearly without precedent.  What HHS has done is to provide an outlet for data entrepreneurs in the private sector to share their treasures with the public though the use of the aforementioned apps and websites sponsored by HHS.


Department of Health and Human Services

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