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Congratulations First Walter Gellhorn Innovation Award Winner: Office of the Federal Register

Congratulations to the Office of the Federal Register, first recipient of the Walter Gellhorn Innovation Award.

The Office of the Federal Register, in cooperation with the Government Printing Office, provides bulk access to the source code of the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations. The value in this effort includes making data available in bulk so others may use it, working collaboratively with the community and encouraging innovation, and making source code for a government website available so other agencies and non-governmental organizations can make customized versions.

This award is as much recognition for agencies that engage in best practices as it is a tribute to Walter Gellhorn—a person whose great vision in administrative law we still need.

As for the criteria, we asked agencies to submit ideas that:

  • saved appropriated funds, or reduced cost to the public;
  • created greater efficiencies;
  • reduced unnecessary duplication;
  • increased transparency;
  • enhanced customer service; or
  • enhanced public participation in the regulatory process.

The degree of innovation was also a major factor in the judging process and agencies received bonus points if the submissions reflected principles held dear by Walter Gellhorn.  These principles include:

  • nurturing achievement
  • pursuing agency goals through the best use of agency resources
  • creating a work environment in which learning and innovation are rewarded
  • Working with other agencies to coordinate missions

Learn more about this innovative effort by visiting or by reading their success story.


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