Use of Mediation under the Americans with Disabilities Act

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Despite the efforts of the agencies charged with enforcing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), there are substantial backlogs of cases at the investigation stage at many agencies, creating unusually lengthy delays in enforcement. Because of enforcement delays, many individuals are not ... View more

ADR Confidentiality and the Freedom of Information Act

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The Administrative Dispute Resolution Act (ADRA) accords a substantial measure of confidentiality to oral or written communications made in a covered dispute resolution proceeding. This protection was based upon Administrative Conference Recommendation 88-11, which recognized that in promoting the ... View more

The Ombudsman in Federal Agencies

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The ombudsman1 is an institution frequently used in other countries, and increasingly used in this country, as a means of inquiring into citizen grievances about administrative acts or failures to act and, in suitable cases, to criticize or to make recommendations concerning future ... View more

Contracting Officers’ Management of Disputes

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An increasing number of problems in the management of government contracts are now referred to lawyers, accountants, and judges for resolution. This accelerating trend has tended to deemphasize the responsibility of the agency contracting officers, who (in most agencies) have ... View more

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