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Postal Regulatory Commission/Online Publication of Public Inquiry Logs

The Postal Regulatory Commission receives hundreds of rate and service inquiries each year (informal complaints about postal service), along with thousands of other comments and questions from the public. The Commission is also contacted … View more

Postal Regulatory Commission/Monthly Agency Public Meetings

The Postal Regulatory Commission holds monthly public meetings to discuss the agency’s activities and current responsibilities. Members of the public and other stakeholders are invited to attend. In addition, the audio of the meetings … View more

Postal Regulatory Commission/The Public Representative Function

In each case before the Postal Regulatory Commission, the Commission selects an individual from its staff to represent and advocate for the interests of the general public in that case. This appointment is required … View more

Postal Regulatory Commission/Listing Active Dockets on Agency Home Page

The Postal Regulatory Commission publishes on its internet home page direct links to each active agency docket.  This makes it simple and convenient for any member of the public to identify pending matters in … View more

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Success Stories Defined

Agency officials have submitted their success stories in response to a Model A survey requesting innovative ideas that meet the some or all of the following criteria:

-Degree of Innovation
-Cost Savings to the Government and/or the Public
-Ability to Replicate Project or Initiative at other Agencies
-Reduction of Unnecessary Duplication
-Customer Service
-Streamlining or Enhancing Public Participation in the Regulatory Process

These submissions will also be submitted to our esteemed judges for the Annual Walter Gellhorn Innovation Award.

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