ACUS Recommendations

Making formal recommendations is one of the primary activities of the Administrative Conference. Conference recommendations result from the Administrative Conference Project Process. As a part of this process, recommendations are adopted by the voting members of the Conference at semi-annual plenary sessions. The recommendations listed here are those that have been identified as those that are related to this best practice initiative.

Recommendation June 18, 1992
The Procedural and Practice Rule Exemption from the APA Notice-and-Comment Rulemaking Requirements

The Administrative Procedure Act, 5 U.S.C. 553, establishes the procedural requirements for notice-and-comment rulemaking. It requires that an agency generally publish notice and provide opportunity for public comment before adopting a rule. The section also provides for a number of ... View more

Recommendation June 18, 1992
Agency Policy Statements

This recommendation addresses use of agency policy statements. Policy statements fall within the category of agency actions that are "rules" within the Administrative Procedure Act's definition because they constitute "the whole or a part of an agency statement of general or particular ... View more

Recommendation June 13, 1991
Federal Agency Cooperation with Foreign Government Regulators


If American administrative agencies could ever afford to engage in regulatory activities without regard to the policies and practices of administrative agencies abroad, the character and pace of world developments suggest that that era has come to a close. The substantive problems ... View more

Recommendation December 18, 1990
Administrative Responses to Congressional Demands for Sensitive Information

The routine sharing of information between congressional committees and administrative agencies constitutes one of the most important interactions between the political branches of our national government. The process of exchanging information affects the ability of the executive ... View more

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