ACUS Recommendations

Making formal recommendations is one of the primary activities of the Administrative Conference. Conference recommendations result from the Administrative Conference Project Process. As a part of this process, recommendations are adopted by the voting members of the Conference at semi-annual plenary sessions. The recommendations listed here are those that have been identified as those that are related to this best practice initiative.

Recommendation January 19, 1995
Debarment and Suspension from Federal Programs


Introduction The federal government is very big business in its purchases of products and services and in its provision of grants, loans, subsidies, and other types of economic assistance. Many private companies—small, medium, and large—rely to a significant degree on ... View more

Recommendation June 16, 1994
The Use of Audited Self-Regulation as a Regulatory Technique


Audited self-regulation is defined as congressional or agency delegation of power to a private self-regulatory organization to implement and enforce laws or agency regulations with respect to the regulated entities, with powers of independent action and review retained ... View more

Recommendation December 9, 1993
Improving the Environment for Agency Rulemaking

Informed observers generally agree that the rulemaking process has become both increasingly less effective and more time-consuming. The Administrative Procedure Act does not reflect many of the current realities of rulemaking. The APA's cumbersome “formal rulemaking” procedures ... View more

Recommendation June 19, 1992
Streamlining Attorney’s Fee Litigation Underthe Equal Access to Justice Act


Congress first waived the government's immunity from attorney's fee awards in the Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA), 5 U.S.C. 504, 28 U.S.C. 2412(d), in 1980 and reenacted the Act in 1985. The EAJA authorizes certain private parties that prevail in non-tort civil litigation ... View more

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