The Administrative Conference of the United States helps establish and identify model best practices for federal agencies.  The idea is to utilize all of the resources and expertise of the Conference to help agencies become model twenty-first century agencies driven by innovation and the adoption of best practices.  The Conference is uniquely situated to gather and promote best administrative and operational practices government-wide.

The Conference will continue to use its formal process to develop recommendations to help make government work better, but will also engage in less formal activities such as:

  • Consulting with individual agencies to identify and address specific agency practices,
  • Studying newly created agencies to identify problems inherent with “standing up” a new agency,
  • Holding workshops to bring together leading experts on government reform and best practices, and
  • Consolidating existing information from other federal agencies.

We need your help because we believe that the best ideas come from outside the agency.

If you have any ideas for areas of study relevant to this initiative, or if you want to share your own agency’s best practices, you can share your ideas by e-mailing us at info@acus.gov.