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This project examined how agencies use internet-based technologies, particularly their websites, to support rulemaking activities and improve access to e-rulemaking portals.  It sought to identify useful innovations and best practices that could be spread to other agencies.  The resulting recommendation suggests ways agencies can make rulemaking information, including open dockets, comment... read more

Recommendation 2014-3, Guidance in the Rulemaking Process, identifies best practices for agencies when providing guidance in preambles to final rules.  It suggests ways that agencies can improve the drafting and presentation of these preambles, including making it easier to identify any guidance content.  The recommendation also urges agencies to ensure that users of their websites... read more


This study focused on the many legal issues that arise in e-Rulemaking, including how agencies may use software to determine that submitted comments are identical or nearly identical, and whether agencies can (and should) destroy paper copies of comments scanned to electronic form. The resulting recommendation identifies approaches that agencies can lawfully use to reduce costs and improve... read more

This study examined whether the text of the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA), 44 U.S.C. §§ 3501–21, or agencies’ practices under it could be improved.  Among other things, the project considered the costs and benefits of PRA compliance, more efficient ways to achieve the statute's goals, the potential need to update the statute to account for advances in social media and other new technologies,... read more


Recommendation 2010-1, Agency Procedures for Considering Preemption of State Law, addresses issues relating to agency procedures for complying with Federal requirements regarding consultation with State and local governments and for considering State interests in rulemakings that may result in the preemption of State law. It recommends that agencies formulate appropriate internal... read more