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Draft Recommendation for consideration at the 58th Plenary Session

Draft Recommendation with proposed amendments for consideration at the Plenary Session

  • Recommendation number: 2013-3
  • Adopted on: June 14, 2013
  • Committees: Regulation
  • Tags: Science

Recommendation 2013-3, “Science in the Administrative Process,” promotes transparency in agencies' scientific decision-making, including: articulation of questions to be informed by science information; attribution for agency personnel who contributed to scientific analyses; public access to underlying data and literature; and conflict of interest disclosures for privately...

The term “risk communication is commonly used to describe procedures by which a public agency or other party possessing information about the hazardous attributes of an activity or product transfers this information to others. For several decades, the Freedom of Information and National Environmental Policy Acts have, in effect, provided for...

The Re-registration Process

The re-registration of existing pesticides under contemporary risk assessment standards, and the removal of unacceptable pesticides from the marketplace, are examples where procedures can hinder the agency’s...