The Administrative Conference bylaws (section 302.3(a)) designate six standing committees of the Conference.  The Council delegated to the Chairman the authority to appoint Conference members to the committees.  The Council also agreed to authorize the Chairman, with the approval of the Council, to establish additional standing committees or rename, modify, or terminate any standing committee.

These six standing committees are the most important component of the process that leads to the adoption of Administrative Conference recommendations, because it is at the committee level that researchers’ reports are carefully analyzed and proposed recommendations are formulated.  Although Administrative Conference researchers often provide the initial draft of proposed recommendations, the Committees ultimately develop the recommendations that are considered by the Assembly.  The committees typically meet several times each year, depending on the stage that their assigned projects have reached.

Each Conference member is asked to participate actively in one of the committees.

Each committee has an area of interest and activity, which ordinarily guides the assignment of particular projects among the committees.  However, these areas are defined broadly, to allow the Chairman flexibility in assigning projects.  The Chairman may also, with Council approval, appoint special committees as needed.

Committees Meetings & Events

April 8, 2013 Committee Meeting(Committee on Adjudication)

April 8, 2013 - 2:00 pm EDT
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Administrative Conference of the United States